A 3-Day Inspiring & Immersive Experience for Moms

Join Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist®, 
this November 10th to 12th in the 5th Edition of her renown,
life-changing Time For Mom-Me® Retreat!








Mia Redrick is the Television Personality, Master Coach, Bestselling Author, who invented Mom Coaching. She has been mentoring Mothers all around the world for over a decade, helping them create a life and business that they love! Using time-rich systems, and proven results strategies to monetize their knowledge while creating the quality of life!

Keeping in mind that your life informs your business, not the other way around. 

In this exclusive retreat, Mia reveals all of her secrets for rocking motherhood, with Core Life and Business Lessons, and highly actionable content that creates fantastic results! This is why hundreds of women have traveled around the globe to learn The Mom Strategist’s secrets at this fast-paced, intense, inspiring, and immersive retreat.  

Participants leave this retreat entirely renewed. They become a highly motivated, go-getter, action-taker, stronger version of themselves. During these 3-days moms, alongside with Mia, figure out what’s holding them back and set the strategies to overcome it, so they can reach for what they really want. 

This retreat definitely delivers! 

Are you ready to rock motherhood?

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If you want to learn how to take care of yourself; create life and business balance; get support and motivation; connect with like-minded women; have fun; get strategies on how to improve your life; and do it in a fast-paced, inspirational, intense, fun, and beautiful environment, THIS IS FOR YOU.  

If you are not looking to get some major changes in your mindset, life, and business, this is not for you!

Hi, it’s Mia.

You have ideas – great ideas, but do you need support to bring your vision to fruition? At the 5th Annual Time for Mom-Me Retreat & Experience, November 10 -12, I will help you position your dreams ever-so-differently with real strategies that work for busy women so that you have the tools to experience greater success in your life as a business owner, professional, partner and as a parent. Our theme this year is From Ordinary to Extraordinary. You already excel at what you do but I want to help you walk unapologetically toward those big goals.  I want you to finally check off those bucket list items. All weekend long, you will learn from women who took an ordinary idea, with ordinary means and turned it into something extraordinary.

Give yourself three days to step away from your ordinary and truly commit to my proven processes and strategies that I, along with the fabulous presenters that are lined up, have developed to provide you with a transformational experience.

Join me and a group of amazing women at the Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore, MD to discover new ways to excel while honoring everything that is most important to you. The weekend is an intimate experience. You will truly feel like you are being welcomed into my home, into a beautiful space where you can be heard and challenged to launch your Big Ideas. Let’s start with where you are right now and leverage your abilities to live your extraordinary. Together we will use what you have, what you give, what you know and convert it to something incredible, but you need to be willing to take the first step and attend. Get your ticket right now.

Your life informs your business.
Undoubtedly you invest in your business and your passions. 
Now is the time to invest in you.

Are you ready?

What my clients are saying

“Prior to working with Mia, I lacked the ability to say no to unhealthy demands and unreasonable expectations. I couldn’t focus on my business goals. I let perfectionism and procrastination get in the way of finishing projects.I made excuses: I was exhausted from caring for my late mother prior to her death. “Now that mom is gone, sister and dad need me to take care of them. ” But the truth is, I didn’t have a system to deal with life’s challenges and remain focused on the needs of my immediate family and my business.Within 30 days of working with Mia, I’d completed an

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Mele Williams

The Diplomatic Scribe

“I accepted your challenge to close at least $20,000 for my new 6 month program by July 31st.. At 2:25pm TODAY, my final total is $20,298!!!!!!! The best news: my final client is in Kenya, East Africa. Soooooo, my new program has thrust me back into the international market place and that’s very exciting and empowering.”

Carol Hunter

The Money Mender

“As a new mom, deciding to invest in myself was a complicated decision but it was the right decision. I knew that my own methods had taken me as far as they could, and from reading Mia’s materials and participating in some of her events, I knew that her systems and her coaching could help me get past my own glass ceiling. Within 45 days, I recouped 10% of the investment. Today, within 90 days, I had reached many of my personal goals on my vision board and am using Mia’s tools and system to grow my business. Mia is real. Just like my 18 month old will need a coach to learn piano or soccer one day…

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Aleks Stefanovska

Chief, Pain Free to College