NOVEMBER 6-8, 2015


I’ve created something just for you, for us…
An experience like no other; one that is
set up to support you to be:


Rested and rejuvenated

A beautiful location where unstructured play, luxury, accommodations, incredible shopping, fun opportunities to move your body with belly dancing and Zumba® to brighten your mornings, and a new community and connection of girlfriends who want the best for you and who will be a vested part of your growth as you set your biggest goals ever over the course of the weekend. A delicious, healthy menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served to nourish your body.

A place where you have tons of room… BREATHE.


Rewarded for Taking Care of Yourself

That’s right! Upon checking in, you will experience our self-care plan designed to reward you for your participation in the movement exercises, seminars, breakout sessions, building your network of support, and making the time to join us for delicious meals and conversation all weekend long. We want you to know what it feels like to absolutely take great care of yourself.


Empowered and energized

You receive my unique Blueprint for Moms and a plan to customize your own plan that you can use immediately upon returning home. I will share all of the tools I use to create the time I need to be the best woman and mom possible, while also still prioritizing my own self-care.

These will be the same tools I shared as segment host on the Emmy-nominated and nationally-syndicated program, America Now; tools that have supported and encouraged millions of women around the country to create the time to be the best women and moms possible in their own lives.

Connected and Cared For

Join other Moms who will co-create a community of learning, sharing, support and fun in an environment set up for your inspired time at the retreat. Plus a fabulous brunch and dinner soiree planned to celebrate you.
You deserve to have access to the inspiration, motivation and activation that you’ve earned as a super-mom.
And it’s time to take a moment for YOU so you can re-connect with your spirit and align your body to the fabulous, glorious woman that you are!

It is for these reasons that I crafted
the Time for Mom-Me® Experience & Retreat.
For You. For Me. For Us.



Yes! I'm joining the retreat


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It’s Mia here.

I want to personally invite you to attend the third annual
Time for Mom-Me: Retreat & Experience weekend.

Our theme this year is The ROI of Self-care.  Yes, I believe that self-care has a return on investment for you and your family. When you take care of yourself, everyone wins!

My events get you to take the main stage of your life. You are our featured guest!

  • This weekend is about your story and the new chapters you want to create.
  • This weekend is about you listening to your voice and letting it guide you.
  • This weekend is about you understanding that at any moment you can create the change you want in your own life.
  • This weekend is about learning from women just like you dealing with the same motherhood obstacles and learning how they overcome them.

You do the work.  You will take the life classes created to move you one step closer to creating a life that you love.  You are the star at this event and we want you to shine.

Join me for three power-packed days that will empower you to:

If any of these resonate, consider the


Time for Mom-Me Experience & Retreat.


I came to Time for Mom-me Retreat because I’m part of Mia’s Core Mom’s Academy Group and Mia has been teaching us a lot about creating strategies on not just being a mom but being ourselves and making sure that we are happy with ourselves and we have some sort of balance in our lives with our family, with our business, and with our personal life; and I’ve done a little bit but got a little bit off track and also I just needed to break, so it’s like this is going to be the perfect time. I had a few “Ahuh!”, one of it was the BLUEPRINT. The blueprint seminar was really shocking because I quickly notice patterns between my mom and I where she would take care of herself and then she would stop going and then she was always working and always doing stuff for me not necessarily for herself and I notice similar patterns in my life. So now that I’ve noticed that and I’ve established that as being a pattern that I don’t want to continue, I’m hopefully going to live here with steps on how to do better.

Rani Craft

Craft Web Solutions

I am here because I’m at a new place of my life… My children are getting older and I’m trying to refine or just get to know myself all over again. It’s been a while, so long that I really can’t pinpoint at this moment when I did something for myself. The first day was awesome, I’m really enjoying myself. Last night was truly an eye opener (the ladies night out), where Mia was able to talk to each other and give us some pointers. She made a point to another female story that resonated with me and have me thinking about it this morning. So, it’s really a big step for me so I’m pretty excited.

Nichelle Bolden