3 transformational days dedicated to
Smart, Sharp Women
Who Are Next-Level Action-Takers!


Purchase your Virtual VIP Ticket and watch the Live-Stream directly from your home, PLUS you will have additional 7-day access to the entire event’s content HERE!

Imagine discovering your next big idea, learning the tools to implement it and embracing the mindset to realize your success, all while practicing the principles of self-care. Gone are the days of stuffy events that promise the fresh and new but deliver the stale, recycled. and unactionable. THIS
unforgettable event will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

You already know you’ve got the goods – the brains, the talent, the skills, and the passion. But do you have all the tools and strategies to put those together so you can build a fulfilling life and profitable business that allow you to be the absolute best version of you?

This powerful and empowering weekend will accelerate your ability to be in control of your life and your business journey, stand in all of your gifts and learn to use your vision, value, and voice to get everything you want.

Aren’t you ready to stand in your purpose and your highest good?

Whether you have (until now) put your big goals on the back burner to focus on your career, the kids, your husband or have just been playing too small, Mia is ready to plant seeds of greatness in you and get you back on track.

If you:

  • Know you can show up more powerfully in your business…
  • Don’t feel like you’re serving from your highest place…
  • Know what you truly want but also know you need better tools to get out there and increase your monetization…

The Time For Mom-Me Retreat & Experience is for you!

If you want:

  • To learn how to care for yourself by honoring your dreams…
  • Greater fulfillment from your business without sacrificing your entire life…
  • To build a profitable business doing what you are amazing at and absolutely love
  • Community, connection, support and motivation with like-minded women
  • To have FUN
  • To learn tried-and-true strategies on how to improve your life AND your business…

… all in a fast-paced, inspirational, intense, intimate,
and beautiful transformative environment…

You have to put yourself in a place
where your needs can be met!
Go reserve your spot right now.

But if you don’t know what you want, aren’t ready to check your ego at the door, or don’t want to open yourself up to making major changes to your mindset, life, and business, then you might consider sitting this one out.


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