I’m so excited to welcome you to the sixth annual Time for Mom-Me Retreat & Experience, an immersive and transformative weekend. Over the years that I’ve hosted this event, it’s been a blessing to watch women release their fear, gain clarity on their goals, step into their big vision, and take leaps toward their passion and purpose. After Time for Mom-Me, they are able to take a stand for who they really are, leading them to great degrees of success, like becoming bestselling authors and launching thriving coaching programs.

Are you ready to become your best self and make the most powerful contributions in your world? You need to bring everything you have to the table. What you do, who you are and what you love is the foundational material needed for building and living the life that you want. So I will cover your needs by giving equal amounts of attention to business, life, and mindset.

It’s time to learn how to completely crush your goals. In this room, there are no compromises, no standing back. Time for Mom-Me Retreat is for those of you who are ready to be a Giant, stand tall in your gifts, get over the fear of showing up brilliantly different and making some noise when you arrive. If you know what you want, but need more ways to connect the dots, I’m here for you.

Over the course of 3 days, I’ll give you realistic strategies that have been designed especially for super-busy, super-talented women like you. This year our theme is: “Tools to Monetize Your Business”. Together we are going to tackle topics like: how to increase your visibility in the right places, how to narrow down your marketing with Facebook ads, what you need to know to do brand licensing deals and how to master your sales conversation , in the midst of mastering your mindset. And yes, we will do this within a framework of self-care, self-nurturing, self-development, and community.

I created this retreat so smart, professional women could get laser focused on where they are going, and obtain the resources they need to get there. Because it’s not what you know but what you don’t know that will keep you from reaching your destination. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other women who share the same level of drive and ambition as you do, learn and commit to my proven processes and strategies, all while soaking up and sharing empowering energy.

The retreat will be intimate but intense. You will be welcomed into a safe space where you can be heard, understood, and challenged to Elevate Your Execution. You are already “awesome”. Now it’s time to level up that “awesomeness” and create stronger monetization so you can design a life and business that is both successful and deeply fulfilling.

Are you ready to join me and a group of amazing women at the Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland to discover new ways to completely own who you are and the brilliance you have to offer, while honoring everything that is most important to you?

To make all that happen…you have to be there. You are in charge of your life. Reserve your seat now!

Don’t be misled by the “mom” in “Mom-Me”. You don’t have to be a parent to attend. You do need to be ready to roll up your sleeves, play full out, dig deep, and plant organic seeds of acceleration in the soil of your soul and heart so you can serve the world with your gifts.

This retreat is here for all of the smart, sharp, hard-working women who give their all to everything and everyone – their careers, their families, their friends – but know it’s time to stop standing back and start standing taller. You are ready to do more, earn more and elevate your success, just by being who you are right now.

Which brings us to Mia Redrick, affectionately known as The Mom Strategist®.

Mia is a Master Coach who has the business-savvy mindset of a corporate go-getter with the warmth and compassion of a mother and friend. Always straightforward and honest, with a hint of whimsical humor and tempered with heart.

She has personally coached hundreds of women and entrepreneurs, with thousands more using her virtual programs, inner circle groups, and countless more avidly following her on social media platforms via Livestream. Her intent is always to pour into her clients, getting them to see and understand how they can leverage what they already know and build an amazing business from that. She is also a television personality (including being a segment host on the Emmy-nominated show “America Now”) and a bestselling author.

What makes her unique as a coach is that her career was built from her home. By allowing her life to inform her business (and not the other way around), she has been able to support her family to the fullest – financially and emotionally. Mia takes a no-nonsense approach by teaching you how to build your business on your own terms and how to get clients to come to you.

Mia’s purpose is to make sure that every woman owns her power, recognizes her brilliance as a person, and is able to put a value on and sell her skills and talent.

At this retreat, Mia will be serving up strategies, tools, actionable advice, brand new ideas, tricks of the trade, and the right help at the right time that will help you purposefully stride toward your goals. By the end of the event, you will experience a mindset shift from “maybe I can do this” to “I am fully capable and ready to do this!”

Because you know what?

You can have it all without sacrificing who you are at the core. You just need to be willing to listen, learn, engage, implement and ELEVATE!

Mia, I’m Ready for Change!

I'm Ready for Change!